Australis Posy

Australis Posy

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A delicate and complex blend, showcasing some of Australia's flavoursome flora. Correa tea and strawberry gum delivering a light, peach melba and berry note quickly complemented by sweet, citrusy lemon myrtle and lemon myrtle blossoms. Velvety, floral native rainforest vanilla adds a silky note, before ending on a light tang from a light shower of Davidson plums. 

This blend showcases 100% Native Australian ingredients.


Blenders note: This tea cannot be steeped over 5 minutes. The tea is light, delicate and complex, so keep that in mind of your pallet and what you personally prefer. Over-steeping this blend will result in a very bitter tea. If you like our White, fig and Vanilla blend, you'll love this one.

This blend is beautifully complex and unique. Light on the pallet and perfect both brewed hot or cold.

12 servings (42g) per box.


The packaging tin is completely reusable and recyclable. Please dispose of your packaging responsibly.


"We give the utmost respect and recognition for the land and it's original forefathers, knowing we do not own the land and are simply a passageway to sharing their rich history, stories and culture."


Hand blended artisanal, loose leaf tea | Australian native . Organic . Vegan 

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